EXPANSIVE LIVING Exercise Ball (Red, 75 cm) - 2,000 lbs Stability Ball. Anti Burst & Heavy Duty for Yoga, Balance and Birthing. Physio Ball | Office Chair | Professional Grade Swiss Ball

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  • β˜… 2,000 MICROMETERS = 2,000 LBS β˜… Built with 2,000 MICROMETERS of the highest quality Anti-Burst Material. Its ultra-thick casing can SUPPORT A STATIC WEIGHT OF 2,000 LBS, giving you the ultimate support. Don't settle for less, avoid cheaper excersize balls.
  • πŸ™† GET RID OF YOUR OFFICE CHAIR. β˜… Tired of those aches and pains from sitting at your desk? Replace your office chair with our Sitting Ball to help improve your posture and decompress your spine. The continual Micro-Movements of sitting on one will also help you FEEL GREAT and ENERGIZED as you work hard on the job.
  • πŸ’ͺ GROW INTO YOUR BEST SELF. β˜… Get a low impact, yet rigorous, full body workout. The Expansive Living Fitness Ball will help you grow stronger, while enhancing your balance and core strength. Get ready to take your workouts to the NEXT LEVEL.
  • 😌 FEEL SAFE ON YOUR BALL. β˜… A unique Anti-Burst Design. If punctured, instead of popping, it will slowly deflate even with heavy weight. Its extra thick ribbings also give you an enhanced grip, so no slipping as you're sweating. It’s also ECO-FRIENDLY, being free of latex, BPA, or harmful phthalates. And it's built to last, which means less trash for the planet. 🌎
  • β˜… 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. β˜… If You're Not Happy, We're Not Satisfied. At EXPANSIVE LIVING, we dream of a world where all people can grow into their best, authentic, limitless selves. And we constructed one of the TOUGHEST Anti-Burst Exercise Balls to help you Grow Beyond Your Limits. Go ahead, make the decision to grow with us. Click "Add To Cart" now. πŸ›’

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